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About the author


Wolfgang Orthuber

April 25th, 1961 Born in Vilshofen/Bavaria/Germany
1980 high-school diploma in Vilshofen, BayBFG award
1980-1982 Study of humane medicine at the University Regensburg until Physikum
1982-1986 Study of dental medicine at the LMU in Munich
1986 Dentist
1986-1990 Assistant doctor at the policlinic for prosthodontics in Munich
1988 M.D. dent.
1990 Working at the Dept. of Orthodontics of the University Clinic Kiel
1993 Orthodontist
1996-2000 Study of mathematics at the FernUniversität Hagen
2000 Mathematician (Dipl.-Math.)
(Diploma II, good and very good results)
2011 Vice-Chairman at Dept. of Orthodontics in Kiel

During my study in Munich I met my current chief Prof. Helge Fischer Brandies and we developed a method for computer assisted bending of orthodontic archwires. One professional focus was realization of this. 1991 we contacted a Berlin development team under the direction of Rüdger Rubbert, Friedrich Riemeier and Norbert Geyer. It soon engaged mainly in the subject and also made own important innovations. One of the consequences was the foundation of Orametrix. After 2004 I also dealt with general possibilities for improvement of objectivity in medicine. A more detailed analysis disclosed important opportunities for improvements in the basics of precise descriptions of things. The vectorial (quantitative) description is clearly superior to the usual word based description regarding reproducibility, precision, classifiability and unambiguity and specially adapted to electronic communication, also due to its precise searchability by adapted search engines.